Back/Body Acne Lotion
Back/Body Acne Lotion
Back/Body Acne Lotion
Back/Body Acne Lotion
Back/Body Acne Lotion
Back/Body Acne Lotion

Back/Body Acne Lotion

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Body acne is a real problem and it deserves as much attention as the acne on your face!  

So, why not treat it with something non chemical and effective that’ll work on acne, dark spots and acne scars on your body. Skinmushh’s back acne lotion also helps reduce blemishes and uneven skin tone.

What’s more, this lightweight lotion is especially effective for acne on your back, chest, legs and arms. Made with soul, Skinmushh’s Back acne lotion comes with the goodness of collagen, AHA and hyaluronic acid that makes our back acne lotion especially effective on acne on the body.

Back acne lotion has several benefits:

  • Helps to reduce the frequency of acne

  • Helps fade away dark spots and acne scars

  • Is a very effective remedy for pimples on the body

  • Helps reduce the appearance of stubborn spots

  • Helps even out the skin tone all over your body

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Works wonders for back, arms, chest, legs, strawberry legs, lower back

How to use this lotion:

This light and effective lotion comes in a super cute, easy to use jar and all you have to do is take out a little bit and apply it on the affected area. Remember a little lotion goes a long way!

Why to buy:

Body acne can be troublesome, and sometimes no remedy seems to work, but we’ve got the solution for you -- Skinmushh’s Back Acne Lotion. It’s easy to use, made with natural ingredients and is extremely effective. It’s worth a shot, right?

You could also use Skinmushh’s Underarm Lotion and  Nalpamradi oil to help with pigmentation and uneven skin tone on body.