Glowing Skin Bundle Deal
Glowing Skin Bundle Deal
Glowing Skin Bundle Deal
Glowing Skin Bundle Deal

Glowing Skin Bundle Deal

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It may sound hard to believe, but now a sleek glowing finished skin can be achieved in just 2 step skin care routine consisting of our all time best seller and everyones favourite, Kumkumadi oil with the highly effective and potent Retinol serum. The duo works as a wonderful combination together to help you cherish a healthy, smooth glowing skin. It combats a lot of major skin problems in our day to day life and leaves an absolutely natural glow. 

It consists of:

1. Kumkumadi Oil: 

Kumkumadi oil is a magical blend that makes it the perfect product for almost all skin problems! Kumkumadi Oil, helps hydrate and moisturise your skin while working to rid you of most skin issues you might have. So say goodbye to blemishes, acne scars and uneven skin tone with our Kumkumadi Oil.
This oil is not recommended if you have acne-prone skin.
-  Helps in brightening your skin and keeps overall skin healthy
 - Best known for its glow and shine it provides on your face. Smoothens out blemishes and reduces the appearance of scars
 - Revitalises your skin and helps it glow with health
 - Helps your skin stay hydrated and improves uneven skin tones
- Reduces under-eye dark circles 
 - Also reduces wrinkles and keeps the skin fresh and young


2. Retinol Serum:

It is a perfectly balanced serum with modern and Ayurvedic recipes, dermatological tested and the best part, it works for all skin types. It helps in overnight skin treatment, so you don’t have to worry about going for expensive treatments to save your skin.

Benefits of our serum : 

  1. A lightening and breaking down of pigmentation.
  2. Reduction of pore numbers and pore size.
  3. Improving the skin's texture with visible and tactile softening.
  4. Providing a youthful glow.
  5. Increased collagen and elastin production.
  6. A reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.
  7. Acting as an antioxidant.
  8. Reducing sebum production.
  9. Improving acne breakouts and blemishes.
  10. Increasing hydration and a plumping effect of the skin.