Tropical Paradise Scrub-200gms

Tropical Paradise Scrub-200gms

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Tropical Paradise Whipped Scrub is as refreshing as its name suggests. Our magical sea paradise  has a refreshing and soothing fragrance with wonderful effects on the skin.The apart from the calming fragrance which will take you back to beach,  cleans and soothes skin, calming the impurities while boosting the blood circulation and flow of vital fluids.

This is very different from a soap or the regular shower gels because it’s loaded with butters like shea butter,cocoa butter, mango butter and various essential oils to keep your skin healthy and nourished for winters 

 Our scrub is 100% pure, made up with natural and simple ingredients. This soap is very gentle on skin and suitable for all skin types, especially for dry and sensitive skin.


The ingredients used in this soap keeps your skin healthy and cleans the pores from the deep inside. The anti-inflammatory properties give relief from the harmful UV rays and harsh weather changes. It provides the assistance to the skin to achieve its natural hydration and moisture. Tropical Paradise Whipped Scrub  is gender neutral and can be used by anyone, be it of any age or any skin types.



  • Tropical Paradise Whipped Scrub has multi[le benefits and gives stunning results to many age old stubborn skin problems.
  • The astringent properties give relief from the rashes and fungal infections on the skin.
  • It reduces the breakouts and also fades the acne marks and dark spots.
  • The lower pH of the soap helps the skin in balancing and maintaining the natural pH of the skin.
  • It reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles thus minimising the signs of ageing.
  • The anti-inflammatory properties give relief from the harmful UV rays and harsh weather changes.
  • It can be used more than twice a day and every time you can achieve moisturised healthy glowing skin.


How to use:

 Tropical Paradise Whipped Scrub comes in a refreshing dual tone, in a repurpose full jar. It is very easy to use and can be used more than twice a day. Take about two tablespoons of soap and mix it with water. Use warm or plain water to wet your tired skin. Apply the mixture all over your body and face and massage in circular motion for a while. Rinse with water and pat dry your skin, followed by a moisture.


Why you should buy this:

Our Tropical Paradise Whipped Scrub comes with a refreshing ocean fragrance which can calm your stressed mind and not only that, this soap is also equally effective while using topically. So try out to achieve a beautiful and youthful skin.