Skin Barrier Duo
Skin Barrier Duo
Skin Barrier Duo
Skin Barrier Duo

Skin Barrier Duo

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As the name suggests, this bundle is nothing less than a healing hug for your skin. It supports skin healing, skin barrier repair, promotes even skin tone and nourishes your face and leaves a sparkling glow. It consists of our best seller and everyone’s favourite choice, Kumkumadi oil made with pure Kashmiri Saffron and our best selling moisturising cream Honey Ceramide moisturising cream. 

1. Kumkumadi oil: Kumkumadi oil is a magical blend that makes it the perfect product for almost all skin problems! It helps hydrate and moisturise your skin while working to rid you of most skin issues you might have. So say goodbye to blemishes, acne scars and uneven skin tone with our Kumkumadi Oil.

2. Honey Ceramide Moisturiser: The ceramides along with a mixture of high grade effective skin care ingredients acts as an agent to lock moisture in your skin and helps with concerns like pigmentations, dryness, nourishment, dark spots, tanning, acne and much more. It acts as a natural fixing agent which repairs the broken barriers of the skin thus preventing future problems.

What can you expect out of this routine:

- Helps in brightening your skin and keeps overall skin healthy

- It goes deep inside your skin layer and nourishes and fixes the damages that have been caused by dust, pollution, bacteria etc
 - Best known for its glow and shine it provides on your face. Smoothens out blemishes     and reduces the appearance of scars
 - Revitalises your skin and helps it glow with health

 - Helps your skin stay hydrated and improves uneven skin tones
- Reduces under-eye dark circles 
 - Also reduces wrinkles and keeps the skin fresh and young

 Steps to follow: Cleanse your face with a face wash and then use the ceramide moisturiser and massage it well. After 2 minutes, apply the kumkumadi oil on your face. For best results, keep it overnight. Happy Glowing skin!