Neutral Beauty Chapstick

Neutral Beauty Chapstick

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Vanilla’s a scent we all love right? It’s sweet, luxurious and super calming. 

But what if we told you, we have an all natural chapstick, that’ll give you soft, supple lips while transporting you into the tranquil arms of luxury? 

Yes, Skinmushh’s Sweet Neutral beauty chapstick comes packed with the goodness of vanilla and all-natural ingredients that promise to make your lips looking absolutely stunning. 

Plus, because this chapstick is infused with vanilla extract, it’ll help soothe, cracked, chapped or sore lips. 

So, how about you ditch those chemical-laden lipstick and say hello to our all-natural neutral beauty chapstick. 


    • Vanilla helps soothe cracked, chapped and sore lips 
    • The all natural blend of the chapstick help treat and deeply moisturise the delicate skin of your lips 


  • It also helps lock in all the natural oils and keeps your lips from chapping further.


    Why you should buy

    Who doesn't love soft, supple lips that leave you feeling calm and happy? Right? So why not get your hands on this luxurious chapstick and give your lips some TLC (Expiry Dec 2025)

    We promise, they’ll thank you later.