Anti Ageing cream

Anti Ageing cream

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It is an anti ageing cream that helps you to reduce the wrinkles and make your skin look young and healthy. It successfully reduces fine lines, packy skin and It’s suitable for all skin types and has many more benefits like moisturising, hydrating and nourishing your skin and providing the essential elements your skin needs to keep it young and glowing!!✨

Application: After cleansing your face at night, apply it and leave it overnight❤️

Key Ingredients :

    1. Kojic acid : works by blocking tyrosine from forming, which then prevents melanin production. Decreased melanin production may have a lightening effect on the skin.
    1. Hyaluronic acid : helps skin stretch and flex and reduces skin wrinkles and lines. Gives instant plump skin. Great for summer time. 
    2. Wheat germ oil : 
  1. Wheat Germ Oil is well known for its humectant property, which seals the moisture into the skin and helps in removing excess sebum or oil production that leads to acne and pimplesBalance and repair skin damage.
  2. Q10 : Energy-producing antioxidant is a little miracle worker in terms of combating wrinkles and boosting your skin's natural complexion and glow.
  3. Collagen : The amino acids found in collagen help keep your skin looking smooth, even, and healthy. To improve an uneven complexion, collagen is the answer. Collagen's amino acids can also help minimize the appearance of dark spots and scars from acne or other skin issues.
  4. Ashwagandha : Encourages the production of natural oils that the skin needs. It helps in the reduction of acne, while keeping the skin soothed, clarified, and replenished. It is known to possess anti-ageing properties which keep the elasticity of the skin intact.



Full ingredient list : Distilled water, Wheat germ oil, Kojic acid, Coenzyme Q10, Olivem, Ceto Stearyl alcohol, Cetyl alcohol, DL panthenol, Collagen, Ashwagandha extract, Erylite, iscaguard PEG, Sodium gluconate, hyaluronic acid, fragrance.